Valentines Vows – February 9th, 2008


The radio station, 104.7, The Fish, had an event called Valentines Vows. It was an event to not only promote Valentines Day, but also to promote your vows with your spouse. There were about 50 couples to sign up for this event.

They had flowers, photography, a reception, and they had wedding singers: christian artists, Nicol Sponberg and Bethany Dillon. It was beautiful.

Carl, my husband, told me about this event about a week before the event and asked me if it was something I was interested in. I totaly was interest. God has a funny way of working things out sometimes. Carl and I had talked about renewing our vows around our 5 year anniversary. Our 5 year anniversary is on April 25th of this year. But our finances were not going to allow that to happen. And then we found out about Valentines Vows, which was free. God is good!

We got there and the first thing you did was have your picture taken 4 times by the photographer.

Then all the couples stood in front of the stage waiting for the event to start. The pastor that officiated was Pastor Rick, who works for 104.7 The Fish. He spoke for about 15 minutes. Then Nicol Sponberg sang a song, and then Bethany Dillon sang a song.

Then all of the couples renewed their vows and the husbands kissed their wives. It was amazing!

We then got to help ourselves to the yummy wedding cake and food. During this time Bethany Dillon and Nicol Sponberg sang a couple more songs.

Carl and I took our picture with Nicol Sponberg.

Then they had all the couples come back up front. They had all the husbands kiss their brides again, so the photographers could get pics of this. And they gave all the couples a $100 gift card to Hudson’s Furniture store.

It was an amazing event and an amazing time.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to be able to renew my commitment and marriage to God and my husband again. I know that I was in love with Carl when we got married, but I don’t think when you get married you really understand what being married is all about and what the vows you are reciting are all about. I believe I have a much better understand of everything I committed to do, now that we have lived some of that out in our marriage.

We have definitely had our ups and downs in our marriage, but I would not change a moment of it. God has given me Carl, and given Carl me. It’s the best gift God has ever given us. And I am so grateful. I look forward to the next 25 years of our marriage, and seeing all that God does through us.