Synergy…developing relationships with other women!




Victory offers a mentoring program for women called Synergy. In November of 2008 I filled out an application to be a part of Synergy as a mentee.

So in January I got accepted into Synergy. I was very excited. So I had an interview with one of the ladies of Synergy. The point of it was just to get a feel for what I was looking for in Synergy. I joined Synergy because I was looking to have some accountability in my life and some over all guidance.

So from there we awaited the Synergy Launch event. This happened a couple of weeks ago. It was really neat. It was kind of a formal casual brunch.

When I arrived I was given a table number. My table number was 18, which was toward the back of the room. So I went and had a seat. And just waited for some of my other friends to show up so that I could greet them.

After about 20 minutes, one of my best friends, Heather Cusick, came over to the table and I said hey. Then she had a seat. I asked her what she was doing @ the table. It turned out that that was the table she was assigned to. Which I found to be ironic….of all the people to have at the same table…it ends up being my best friend of almost 10 years.

They started the event by introducing what Synergy was, and the vision of Synergy. They then introduced the Synergy coaches. After that they had the mentors stand up. The mentors were then instructed to hand a rose to their mentee(s). This is at the point that we discovered who our mentor was. Phyllis Bush is my mentor. She handed me a single rose, and asked if I would accept the rose so that she would be my mentor. I of course accepted. Then I found out that the other mentee of Phyllis’ was none other than Heather Cusick. Now I thought it was strange that we sat at the same table…now we had the same mentor! Craziness!

My first reaction to this was not very excited. I’m thinking “Are YOU serious? Of all the people? As if we don’t already spend enough time together?” After a little bit, I started to think about it…  I realized that when the Synergy Leadership team gets together and puts mentors and mentees together, they prayed about who should be match up. So I came to the realization that if Heather and I had the same mentor, it was totally a God thing! And I know that’s true, because only God could make something like this happen!

As we were able to talk to Phyllis, Heather and I realized how much like Phyllis we both are! It’s amazing! I then spoke to her over the weekend. I really enjoyed talking to her. I was going through a rough time, and she knew exactly what to say and exactly how to help. And she was great at making me laugh!

I have my first meeting with Phyllis on Sunday, and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see how God grows this relationship, and all the he will use her to teach me!