The Triplets


For those that know me, you know how much I truly love babies & children. So you understand that when I found out that my sister-in-law, Teena was pregnant with triplets I was beyond excited! She already has one child, Mikaela Elizabeth. She is almost three and absolutely beautiful. So adding triplets to this mix was giving them quite the family!!!

The pregnancy was quite the battle. It was a high risk pregnancy from the very beginning. One thing that I wasn’t aware of….with multiple births instead of the typical 9 month pregnancy, it’s an 8 month pregnancy or at least that’s the hope.

At four months we discovered that she was having 2 girls and 1 boy. I’m sure this was something that made her husband very happy….he finally wasn’t outnumbered with women 🙂

At five months it was discovered that one of the girls was having problems. One of the other babies was stealing her nutrients. So they had to have an emergency surgery to reverse this. This was also something very high risk. Sadly, after about a month she passed away. The incredibly hard part was that Teena found out she had to deliver this baby girl that didn’t make it, but she had to wait to do so until the other babies were born.

They were also worried that she would go into early labor, they needed that babies to stay in her for at last a couple more weeks.

The good news is that they did wait. They were born on August 17th at 12:51am at 2.2 lbs. They are in the NICU and will probably be for about 2 months.  Their names are Ethan Cooper and Arya Delaney.

This is Ethan:


This is Arya:


Please keep my niece & nephew in your prayers for continued strength and growth.


Ministry, Leadership & Showing Jesus


So many things have happened as of late…

I graduated from VWMTC. Wow, and it was amazing! I think the best part of that was my dad coming! It was like the first time in almost 3 years that I had seen him! It was so great spending time with him. We even got to go out on the streets of Atlanta and do the street witnessing thing in Atlanta! It was so awesome actually witnessing him witness to other people! It was awesome seeing the conviction come upon peoples faces! But it was so hard for me when he had to leave, because I had such a great time, and was so not ready for our time to be up! But I was so grateful that he came and I had the opportunity to spend time with him!


Then once I graduated from ministry school, I was promoted from apprentice to leader. I was then moved to the Something to Believe In group with Harold Levy. He had been leading the group on his own for a while now, and now I was there to contribute and help him out. He is a great leader and I have been learning so much from him. And just this past week we got an apprentice, Leah Lasley. She is absolutely amazing! And I am really going to enjoy having her as part of the leadership team!

Well then, at the end of May, Johnson Bowie, our Fusion Pastor, announced Fusion on Tour. Fusion was taking a break for the summer (well the months of June and July). But it wasn’t really a break. Fusion was/is taking it to the streets. Getting out into our communities, reaching out to people, and just being Jesus to those around us! Amazing! They were really pushing this through our small groups. I was so very excited about this! This is so totally my heart!

So that night that it was announced, the Fusion small groups took groups out that night to do their first outreach. Our group, Something to Believe In, went to the Gwinnett Braves stadium to give out waters to people for free. But, by the time we got there, the game was over and most of the people were gone. So we then went to the Walmart up the street and gave out waters up there! It was pretty cool to see the look on peoples faces! They were not expecting it at all. And it was really cool to see our whole group out there contributing!

Since then our group has done many outreaches…lent a hand at the Norcross Co-op, given out hotdogs for free at Lilburn City Park, had a BBQ for Neighbors in Neil’s neighborhood in an effort to try and get to know his neighbors, gave out waters at Shorty Howell Park and accompanied Fusion at the Atlanta Dream Center and adopted a block. It has been totally awesome getting out in our community and doing these things! I can’t wait to see what God does in July!

Then I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of s2s! It stands for Sunday to Sunday. It is a missions trip that Avery & Dede Nesbitt came up with in our own back yard. It’s an inner-city missions trip after work every day. I was able to be on the team that did this in June, this past week! It was totally amazing 

Stay tuned…

Synergy…developing relationships with other women!




Victory offers a mentoring program for women called Synergy. In November of 2008 I filled out an application to be a part of Synergy as a mentee.

So in January I got accepted into Synergy. I was very excited. So I had an interview with one of the ladies of Synergy. The point of it was just to get a feel for what I was looking for in Synergy. I joined Synergy because I was looking to have some accountability in my life and some over all guidance.

So from there we awaited the Synergy Launch event. This happened a couple of weeks ago. It was really neat. It was kind of a formal casual brunch.

When I arrived I was given a table number. My table number was 18, which was toward the back of the room. So I went and had a seat. And just waited for some of my other friends to show up so that I could greet them.

After about 20 minutes, one of my best friends, Heather Cusick, came over to the table and I said hey. Then she had a seat. I asked her what she was doing @ the table. It turned out that that was the table she was assigned to. Which I found to be ironic….of all the people to have at the same table…it ends up being my best friend of almost 10 years.

They started the event by introducing what Synergy was, and the vision of Synergy. They then introduced the Synergy coaches. After that they had the mentors stand up. The mentors were then instructed to hand a rose to their mentee(s). This is at the point that we discovered who our mentor was. Phyllis Bush is my mentor. She handed me a single rose, and asked if I would accept the rose so that she would be my mentor. I of course accepted. Then I found out that the other mentee of Phyllis’ was none other than Heather Cusick. Now I thought it was strange that we sat at the same table…now we had the same mentor! Craziness!

My first reaction to this was not very excited. I’m thinking “Are YOU serious? Of all the people? As if we don’t already spend enough time together?” After a little bit, I started to think about it…  I realized that when the Synergy Leadership team gets together and puts mentors and mentees together, they prayed about who should be match up. So I came to the realization that if Heather and I had the same mentor, it was totally a God thing! And I know that’s true, because only God could make something like this happen!

As we were able to talk to Phyllis, Heather and I realized how much like Phyllis we both are! It’s amazing! I then spoke to her over the weekend. I really enjoyed talking to her. I was going through a rough time, and she knew exactly what to say and exactly how to help. And she was great at making me laugh!

I have my first meeting with Phyllis on Sunday, and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see how God grows this relationship, and all the he will use her to teach me!

5 Years of Marriage!


Carl surprised me on our 5 year anniversary…he showed up @ my work and brought me a dozen red roses! It was an amazing surprise….

And my boss, Pam, in all her picture taking glory…took this pic! I was so happy!!! Then for our date…we went and saw The Lion King at the Atlantic Civic Center. It was my first broadway show!! And it was fabulous!!! I am so grateful to have been able to do that!!! It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 years! And I love my fabulous hubby more than I did when we got married!!

Valentines Vows – February 9th, 2008


The radio station, 104.7, The Fish, had an event called Valentines Vows. It was an event to not only promote Valentines Day, but also to promote your vows with your spouse. There were about 50 couples to sign up for this event.

They had flowers, photography, a reception, and they had wedding singers: christian artists, Nicol Sponberg and Bethany Dillon. It was beautiful.

Carl, my husband, told me about this event about a week before the event and asked me if it was something I was interested in. I totaly was interest. God has a funny way of working things out sometimes. Carl and I had talked about renewing our vows around our 5 year anniversary. Our 5 year anniversary is on April 25th of this year. But our finances were not going to allow that to happen. And then we found out about Valentines Vows, which was free. God is good!

We got there and the first thing you did was have your picture taken 4 times by the photographer.

Then all the couples stood in front of the stage waiting for the event to start. The pastor that officiated was Pastor Rick, who works for 104.7 The Fish. He spoke for about 15 minutes. Then Nicol Sponberg sang a song, and then Bethany Dillon sang a song.

Then all of the couples renewed their vows and the husbands kissed their wives. It was amazing!

We then got to help ourselves to the yummy wedding cake and food. During this time Bethany Dillon and Nicol Sponberg sang a couple more songs.

Carl and I took our picture with Nicol Sponberg.

Then they had all the couples come back up front. They had all the husbands kiss their brides again, so the photographers could get pics of this. And they gave all the couples a $100 gift card to Hudson’s Furniture store.

It was an amazing event and an amazing time.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to be able to renew my commitment and marriage to God and my husband again. I know that I was in love with Carl when we got married, but I don’t think when you get married you really understand what being married is all about and what the vows you are reciting are all about. I believe I have a much better understand of everything I committed to do, now that we have lived some of that out in our marriage.

We have definitely had our ups and downs in our marriage, but I would not change a moment of it. God has given me Carl, and given Carl me. It’s the best gift God has ever given us. And I am so grateful. I look forward to the next 25 years of our marriage, and seeing all that God does through us.