God’s Work Behind the Scenes


In the midst of heartache and wondering what God is doing and when He will deliver, it always amazes me how He loves to show out and show up. Our God is a good, good Father.

You may remember in last weeks post how I was struggling after finding out about a friends pregnancy. Well fast forward to the other day when I had a dream that I found out I was pregnant and in this dream I was so very excited and went around telling everyone I ran into that I was pregnant. After all, I had waited so long for this. Then I woke up, and reality set in. That was just a dream. And my emotions are set off again because I’m heartbroken that was just a dream. Sigh…

So I start thinking that often times when I have dreams related to this journey towards motherhood God is usually trying to show me something. So I began praying and asking for His revelation. And He showed me that finding out I was pregnant is a part of my story and it will come to pass for me!!! I was so beyond blown away. I’ve had dreams of my children, but it’s been so long and I never knew how these children would come to me. So this was a new and fresh revelation.

At work yesterday, a friend came by and told me that the Lord has put me on her heart to pray for me. So she’s been praying for me the last several months. And God told her to come pray over me, so she came to see me.

I believe a baby is coming for you.

Those were the words she said right before she prayed over me. And her prayers were amazing. She kept saying how brave I was for putting my story out there and helping other women in this journey. I was in tears by the time she was done, just so in awe.

Then this morning I woke up to a friend messaging me. Also telling me she has been praying for me. She goes on to share how she understands this journey I’m on, she prays that I will have strength to carry the mantle of the ministry I’m leading and that I’m an inspiration to so many. I just begin crying happy tears. The timing of this message after everything else is just so amazing.

God showed me the work He was doing behind the scenes. Giving me dreams about my story, assigning women to pray for me, my future child and my ministry. He has big things coming even when I can’t see them happening before my eyes.

What things could God be working behind the scenes for you?

Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare.      – Psalm 40:3


The Triplets


For those that know me, you know how much I truly love babies & children. So you understand that when I found out that my sister-in-law, Teena was pregnant with triplets I was beyond excited! She already has one child, Mikaela Elizabeth. She is almost three and absolutely beautiful. So adding triplets to this mix was giving them quite the family!!!

The pregnancy was quite the battle. It was a high risk pregnancy from the very beginning. One thing that I wasn’t aware of….with multiple births instead of the typical 9 month pregnancy, it’s an 8 month pregnancy or at least that’s the hope.

At four months we discovered that she was having 2 girls and 1 boy. I’m sure this was something that made her husband very happy….he finally wasn’t outnumbered with women 🙂

At five months it was discovered that one of the girls was having problems. One of the other babies was stealing her nutrients. So they had to have an emergency surgery to reverse this. This was also something very high risk. Sadly, after about a month she passed away. The incredibly hard part was that Teena found out she had to deliver this baby girl that didn’t make it, but she had to wait to do so until the other babies were born.

They were also worried that she would go into early labor, they needed that babies to stay in her for at last a couple more weeks.

The good news is that they did wait. They were born on August 17th at 12:51am at 2.2 lbs. They are in the NICU and will probably be for about 2 months.  Their names are Ethan Cooper and Arya Delaney.

This is Ethan:


This is Arya:


Please keep my niece & nephew in your prayers for continued strength and growth.

Continued Provision


The way God has continually provided for us in the last two and a half years has totally amazed me.

No matter how much He has provided for us, I always have seemed to doubt his provision, doubt Him. And every time, I feel like He’s nudging me, saying, “Why do you doubt Me? Haven’t I shown you my goodness, my faithfulness?”

And the truth is, yes, He has shown me His faithfulness, numerous times.

It first started with my husband losing his job over 2 years ago, which took with it 75% of our income, with us having over $40,000 in debt. I had not idea how we would make it through with out his income & the debt piling over us. God provided us over and over through that time. He got unemployment for most of it. Also during that time God miraculously provided a way for us to pay off all of our debt. I even mean our car debt. We owe no money on all of our cars. Truly a gift.

Then after him being unemployed for a year and a half , i got a promotion at work, that came along with benefits and all. This was something I had been praying for for over 2 years. God had come through!!!!

Shortly thereafter, Carl lost his unemployment, and I got scared. But then, he got a temporary job. I thought this would finally be the end of the unemployment streak. The very exhausting streak. But then that didn’t last either.

Panic seemed to sink in more now than ever before. What were we gonna do? Our savings was almost depleted and the few credit cards we had were maxed out. How were we going to pull through this? Would God really provide like he had in the past? As much as I tried to believe and have the faith, and believe in His promises…it was such a struggle.

However, he proved his faithfulness all over again. Carl got a job almost immediately. We only went one pay period with out him having a check after the temp job. I was beside myself with excitement, I couldn’t contain the happy tears.

He is truly Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides. How can I ever doubt that, again??


Trials & Stories


Lately I have wondered why specific challenges in my life exist. God has been telling me that it’s all because their is a story or testimony there. Something that He will use me to bring Him all the glory. Something He will use me to share with others that will encourage & give hope to them.

Not sure why He chose me for those specific challenges. Why am I the one that has to deal with this? Why do others around me seem to sail through life in these things? Yet, I have to struggle, so that their can be a story there. Did I find that answer? Absolutely not! I don’t know why, all I now is that I was chosen for such a time as this.

What God did answer is this…

Romans 8:18 NKJ…For I consider that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

2 Corinthians 4:17 NKJ…For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

1 Peter 1:6,7 NKJ…In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

That my temporary suffering does not even come close to the glory that will be revealed! That our trials show/disclose Jesus Christ & bring Him praise, honor & fame!

While going through these trials or challenges, it often feels like God has left us and not there. It feels like He is not answering our cries.

I came across a great analogy while reading the book, God on Mute, by Pete Greig. I think it would be best to include an excerpt from the book…

“…our baby Daniel contracted chicken pox. I remember all too well his perfect little baby body covered in prickly, red spots. They were even in his mouth and on his eyelids. His temperature soared, his skin itched, he sniveled, and when he sneezed his nose produced number-11 formations of snot that ran in two streaks down his face.

Watching our baby in such distress was painful. I yearned to tell him why he felt so terrible and that he wasn’t going to feel like this for the rest of his life. But, of course, a five-month-old baby can’t understand words, let along the concepts of recovery and immunity. I gave him tepid baths and smeared him in Calamine lotion, but the relief was short-lived. All I could really do to soothe his distress was to hold him and wait out the days.

Pacing the landing and cuddling Danny one night, it occurred to me that perhaps my heavenly Father wanted to do the same thing for me.

…Twenty years from now, Danny will no doubt understand all about chicken pox, and he will probably look back and be glad that he’s had it. When life hurts and we find ourselves trudging to make sense of unanswered prayer, we often wonder why God doesn’t just click His fingers and make everything better. At such times of unknowing when there’s nothing good in the pain and we’re helpless and hopeless as a baby with chicken pox, there is comfort in trusting God to carry us through the turmoil in His arms. We may not be able to understand why He is allowing the situation to continue when He has the power to stop it, but, like Danny crying without comprehension in my arms, we can still trust Abba, Father.”

~God on Mute, by: Pete Greig

I was blown away when I read that. I honestly had never thought of it that way…like a parent that wants to take the pain away and can’t. All they can do is just be there, comfort us, and try and make us feel better. That’s what God is trying to do for us, if only we will allow Him to do so! Wow.

Right now, I will have to endure these trials, but while I do so, I can trust in God, and know that God can carry me through these trials. He ALONE can bring me peace.

In the end, I will have a story to share with others. And this story will bring so much honor and glory to Him!

His Timing Really is Perfect!!!


So, I can hardly believe I can really say these words, but I am truly free from all financial bondage….I AM DEBT FREE! I never thought the day would come when we could say those words. And, honestly words can really not even begin to describe the weight that has been lifted.

All I know is that we serve an amazing God!!! He supernaturally chose to free us from our bondage! I am still not sure the reason He chose to do it, but so unbelievably grateful! And, the timing of it all, so perfect. Which I shouldn’t be surprised by that because His timing is always perfect and right on time, even when we don’t quite think so.

We have paid off our car, paid off over $40,000 in debt between credit cards, taxes & medical bills. All those numbers simply blow me away! The last 2 years we were simply overflowing in debt, and didn’t see any way that we would be able to make it through. I knew God would always provide, but in my flesh mind and experience didn’t see how we would ever be floating over debt.

And now…wow, it is so possible. He really does provide, and in perfect timing. Carl had lost his job, and with that loss 75% of our income was gone. How would we ever survive that, with all this debt? How could any of our lenders understand that most of our income was gone? But they were understanding…right up to the moment we would be delivered. But the most amazing thing in all of it, is He chose to supernaturally deliver us from this mess we had gotten ourselves into, at this very moment…at the moment where we only had my part time income to make it through. I assure you, His timing really is perfect!!! And what’s crazy is that a couple years before that we were almost completely debt free, and it all came tumbling back down. And, I know that we were not mature enough or wise enough to handle our money then. I know God knows us so well, that He knew that we needed a couple more years of being slaves to our lenders to really get it! And oh boy, did we get it! I refuse to ever go back to that life of debt and bondage!!

As I think about it…that’s not the only aspect of how His timing is perfect. I had probably had one of the worst years of my life. My grandmother passed away, my husband lost his job, my mom had surgery, my stepmother passed away, I found out my father had a terminal illness, & my husband had neck surgery. I seriously was at the point…what else could Satan possibly throw at me?? Really??? Come on!!!! I was beginning to doubt myself, and I thought God had stopped intervening in my life? You’re a healer? Really? Look at all that had happened over the past year…so much related to healing. I know you are God, I know you heal…but why was no one in my circle getting that advantage of you? Why was all this happening? I can totally say that I don’t understand all of it. But I do know, He was always there waiting with open arms for me, no matter what the enemy threw at me. He allowed me to go through it all, and it only made me stronger, it didn’t matter what was thrown at me, My God is so much bigger! And his timing is perfect! Because after that horribly rotten year, he delivered us from our bondage!!! Why? Because He’s God, and He loves me! And apparently, He has bigger plans for me than I had for myself.

So are you doubting why He hasn’t answered you yet? We prayed for 7 years. But His timing was much more than perfect! Trust in His timing, He knows way better than we do!!!

S2S – Day Three


On Day 3 we were scheduled to go to Rescue Atlanta. Another homeless outreach that fed people. This one was where we went to where they were and set up tables and fed them. Dzerassa had to meet us there, so she was following Avery most of the way.

On the way there when we were getting off the exit, a red car cut us off while we were going like 70 mph. Avery had to brake and swerve into the emergency lane. We were incredibly close to hitting that car. It was pretty scary. I am convinced that all the praying/covering we had been doing, had caused angels to surround us and protect us during that time…cuz we seriously should have hit that car.

The location we were supposed to go to with Rescue Atlanta ended up having 30 14 year olds volunteer, so we were redirected to another location.

The location we were redirected to was a lot smaller with less people. I helped hand people their food with silverware. The people were very nice and grateful.

When we were finished serving them we just ended up talking to the different people that hadn’t left yet. Melody, Ginger, Dia, Elsy & I were talking to a couple. The man is a cook, and cooks amazing food. We ended up talking about different foods he makes. We also ended up in a conversation about baseball. Then he was talking about that him and his girlfriend will get married. I really enjoyed talking to them.

Right before we left Heather introduced me to a person, that actually knows a college friend of ours, Mary Ellen Freeman Fiddler. I thought that was funny. What a small world! So we talked for a few minutes about Mary Ellen. It was very cool.

We then went back to the Rescue Atlanta Center. We prayed in a huge circle. We prayed against spiritual attacks. We prayed for covering. And we also prayed for supernatural rest. It was very nice. We then ate our dinner. Then we took group pictures in front of the wall that said Rescue Atlanta on it.

We then headed home. We debriefed as normal and they gave out the 100 Grands. Joshua and Elsy were the ones to receive them that evening.

And that wraps up day 3…

S2S – Day Two


Day 2…

We met at VWC and prepared our dinners for the night. That night we were missing 2 members of our team. One was just unable to make it and the other, was because his pregnant wife had to be taken to the ER. She ended up being okay, though.

We had two events planned for this night. The night was called Operation Jamie & Operation Welcome Home.

The first one…Operation Jamie. We went to the Marta station at the airport. We had 2 teams each on a stair way. We had 5 signs. Jamie wants…to give you…a high five!…Get Ready!…Here’s Jamie (with an arrow pointed at Jamie, and Jamie holding her hand out to give high fives.) It was really cool. It was neat seeing everyones reactions. People were really surprised and had smiles on their faces. One guy was on his cell phone telling someone about it “There’s 5 people on the stairway at the marta station, they are holding signs that say Jamie wants to give you a high five! Get Ready! Here’s Jamie. It’s like an episode of Jacka**!) It was hilarious! I almost busted out laughing.

The second one…Operation Welcome Home. We went inside the airport, and held a welcome home banner. We had 30 welcome back balloons and 30 sets of flowers. We just picked random people went up to them and welcomed them home. Then when some people would walk by we would start screaming and saying welcome home. People were very appreciative and surprised! It was awesome!

We again debriefed when we got back to the church. And they gave out the 100 Grand Bars to two people. But I only remember one of the people that received it. It was Kelly Baker!!! Woop woop!

And that ends Day 2!!