What is Embrace Bravery?


The Lord God is my strength, my bravery, He will walk me through places of trouble and suffering. -Habakkuk 3:19


Embrace bravery is a safe place for all those seeking support, as they navigate the journey of infertility. We will bravely embrace this difficult journey by learning how to trust God while growing in deeper relationship with Him. 

Infertility is a tough journey, but I believe that God can give us the tools to walk bravely through it. Like my broken “bravely you” coffee cup, I believe that in this journey, it appears we have fallen or are broken, but God isn’t leaving us there. He’s picking us up, pushing us forward with bravery. All of these broken pieces form who we are and give us the strength to move forward and continue the journey. Embrace bravery.


I call it Embrace Bravery because as women struggling through infertility, it makes us feel weak, that our bodies are failing us in one of the main things the Lord designed us as women to be able to do. So we don’t feel like we have strength, let alone bravery. I believe the Lord is calling us into bravery, and that this journey just gives us the strength we need to embrace that bravery He’s already instilled in us. 


What support is available through Embrace Bravery?


I have a women’s support group available through Victory World Church in Norcross held in a home in Duluth, GA. It meets bi-weekly on Mondays. We will spend the first meeting of the month supporting and updating each other. The last meeting of the month will be geared towards digging into God’s Word and/or a bible study. My goal is that we would receive support, while also growing in our relationship with the Lord.

Mondays, bi-weekly

Click here to email Shannon about getting involved.


This website is designed to give you support and growth in your infertility journey. I will be regularly posting articles related to bravery and infertility and I would love to hear from you!